Book Application – World-Class Internal Audit

World-Class Internal AuditWorld-Class Internal Audit by Norman Marks (@normanmarks) is a series of stories documenting Mr. Marks’ outstanding audit career.  From these stories, he outlines some of the key lessons he learned through his career.  While this book can provide guidance on the qualities you’d want in a world-class Internal Audit Function, I found it to be a much more relevant guide for the up and coming auditor.

I’d like to pull out a few quotes that really drive this home:

Respect is earned by your actions – and needs to be maintained and enhanced by continued excellence. tweet


Only take a job when you see yourself excited and running toward it.  Don’t take a job just to escape your current position. tweet


You can look in the mirror and tell yourself you are good looking.  But the only praise that matters is from somebody you respect, or your customer. tweet

This is much more than a book for Chief Audit Executives who want to build a world-class audit function, this is an opportunity to have Norman Marks as a mentor.  I’ll take that opportunity!

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