Health Check – Finding #1 – You’re Unfit

Internal Audit, General Fitness

Objective:  To assess your general health and fitness.

Scope:  Point in time.

Results:  Not so good.

Conclusion:  We should dedicate more time and effort to improving our health and fitness.


Finding #1 – You’re Unfit

Condition:  You are in a high stress job, your food choices are poor, you are not exercising regularly, you’re not sleeping well and you’re unhappy with your current health and fitness.  You sit at a desk for 8+ hours per day, which has left you immobile and you often suffer from back pain.  Despite setting goals to improve your health and fitness, you’ve failed to execute and meet those goals.

Criteria:  In order to perform at your highest level as a professional, your health and fitness should be optimized.  You should be on a healthy eating plan you can live with.  Stress reduction and rest should be priorities.   You should be on an exercise plan that improves your fitness weaknesses and maintains your fitness strengths.

Cause:  Despite your best intentions, you haven’t really established a health and fitness strategy.

Effect:  Your performance at work is less than it could be.  Even when your BMI is within tolerable limits, your ability to keep up with the workload is challenged and you often suffer from brain fog.  You’re increasingly hampered by pain and illness.

Recommendation:  We recommend that management develop a life strategy that prioritizes health and fitness.  This strategy should include establishing a health and fitness awareness program and where needed, subject matter experts should be used.  Improvements in health and fitness protocols should be embedded in your lifestyle through proven habit development processes.

Management Response: ?

Yes, writing this out as a mock Internal Audit Finding is a bit tongue and cheek, but I hope you get my point.  Your body is like any piece of equipment you’d use to accomplish a task.  Without proper care and maintenance, it will fail and the objective (being the best internal auditor you can be) will not be met.


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