IAM008 – Internal Auditor Struggles With Language and Culture

In this episode, we will discuss a few challenges with language and culture that I’ve faced in my career. I’ll explain the approach I took and cover things for you to consider when you face similar situation. I want this podcast to be the start of a dialog. If you have stories of your own, please tell me about it in the comments of the show notes post.

Note: I am labeling this podcast explicit, not because of the language used, but because of some of the topical information that might not be appropriate to children. The activity I’ll mention might offend some people. If you’re easily offended, please skip this episode.

Travel is a perk

Getting to Common Ground (language)

  • Odd man out in a basement (S. Korea)
  • Finding the cost of sin (S. Korea)
  • He’s not lying, but he’s not telling the truth (China)
  • She was a she until we met and she was a he (Malaysia)
  • What the heck is zed (UK)


Seeing Differences (Culture)

  • Is it really a sin? (S. Korea)
  • A fruity drink (Malaysia)
  • The third century egg (China)
  • Ask for forgiveness rather than permission? (China)


Key ways to combat language and culture issues

  • Plan ahead and do research
  • Slow down
  • Hire people with language and culture knowledge (or contract)
  • Be there
  • Keep an open mind

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