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Adul wrote:

Hello, i need your opinion about this :
“What do you think when in the audit activities to the branch, audit team is consist of 2 people, with 1 team leader (he was a staff officer) and 1 member of the team (he was a supervisor)? tweet

whether it is reasonable and acceptable? tweet

is there fine when staff officer always be team leader?” tweet

Thanks before for sharing 🙂 tweet


My response:

Excellent question!  In staffing an internal audit engagement, the standards require us to ensure the auditors selected have the skills necessary to perform the work.  They must be independent and objective (in fact and appearance).  And they must have sufficient supervision.

I’ve had times when a staff or senior was required to “in charge” an internal audit engagement with others who had more experience and/or skill than they did.  With a small staff, this will happen quite often and can be used as a development opportunity for the less seasoned professional.

Just be mindful that the individual must be capable of performing at the “in charge” level and this engagement will require more of your time to mentor and advise the new “in charge.”  Also spend some time with the more senior individual to help them understand the nature of this assignment (it is not a punishment to them, but a development opportunity for the staff).

I hope this helps.   Enjoy!


  1. Farrukh Khan said:

    In my opinion, it is very much required to acquaint the junior staff with knowledge and opportunity to learn and develop skills required at senior level. In one of my previous organizations, I used to document in staff annual objectives to independently execute atleast one audit engagement with minimal guidance in order to make them learn all aspects of managing assignmnts, decision making, etc. However, the overall supervision was required to be done to ensure that audit objectives are effectively and efficiently met.

    Furthermore, in another of my previous organizations, we hired a technically qualified and experienced associate for specialized area i.e. Trade Finance to “in-charge”the engagement and other senior associates were acting as team members. I believe that it is good and healthy sign of team work working towards attaining the set audit objectives aligned sync with organizational objectives on overall basis.


    November 4, 2014
    • allan said:

      Thank you. I agree it is important to develop the less experienced auditors in order to maximize the effectiveness of the internal audit function.

      November 5, 2014

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