Oct 20 – 26 – Quote of the Week

There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy, hypocrisy, fraud, tyranny. ~ Frederick W. Robertson tweet

In one of my prior companies, my department investigated a fraud where an individual defrauded the company of over $250,000 in a year through fraudulent sales.  We put together a solid case.  I scheduled a meeting with the CEO to present the details, certain he’d have many questions.  After all, this was one of his best salesmen.

What happened next, was a complete surprise.  He was angry at me.

Internal auditors are often called the conscience of the company.  If you’re going to be in that role, be sure you share the conscience of those running the company.  In my case, we were recently taken private, so the CEO was the new brain.  I was not the right conscious for him.

He kept the salesman.  I moved on.


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