Sept 1 – 7 – Quote of the Week

Nothing will work unless you do. ~ John Wooden tweet

John Wooden was one of the best NCAA basketball coaches, if not the best.  As the head coach of UCLA, he won ten NCAA national championships over a 12-year period (including seven in a row)So he knows a bit about winning).

You may have heard that it is better to work smart rather than work hard.  But what if you did both?  Last week’s quote spoke to working smart.  Do you have a career goal?  Are you finding a way to constantly work toward that goal?

I’ve seen many interviews of players that excelled under Coach Wooden.  Despite the great talent these individuals had, they saw the value of a good coach to push them to the next level.  Do you have coach or mentor to push you in the right direction, to keep you focused?

Time to go to work.

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