Sept 22 – 28 – Quote of the Week

The starting point of all achievement is desire. ~ Napoleon Hill tweet

How often do you go into an activity and just not feel motivated?  Do your staff appear unmotivated in the work they are performing?  How do we ensure we’re all performing at our best?  After all, our clients and stakeholders deserve nothing less.

The key to this is in the quote above.   We have to see value (value we personally desire) in the effort we’re asked to put forward.  While I’m not very active in any specific engagement, I see my role as a way of helping management steer the ship in the right direction.

Each engagement our auditors perform provide for this movement.  Leaders must help the staff, seniors and managers understand why what they are doing matters.  Simply showing them a risk assessment doesn’t always meet that need.  Make sure you are properly communicating the big picture and getting their buy in.  Further to this, ensure that you understand their career goals and give them opportunities to work on engagements that move them in that direction.

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