Resource Application – Zig Ziglar – See You At The Top

Zig Ziglar - See You at the TopSee You At the Top by Zig Ziglar is an audio program that I’ve found myself drawing from on multiple occasions in my life. To some, Zig Ziglar is a speaker who is speaks to salespeople to help them be better at sales. To others, he’s an optimist, speaking to those who enjoy the message of optimism. So, what does that have to do with Internal Auditors? Everything!

Zig Ziglar has a very entertaining way of bringing out simple truths that drive us to success. Notice I didn’t say wealth (although that is one measure).   From his stories, lessons come out that can help us be better auditors.

Zig Ziglar shows us how to change the way we view the world and what we choose to let in, and in doing so, we change the way we present ourselves. Our audits and investigations often leave us dealing with the worst parts of business. We should not focus on those nearly as much as we do. We should also keep our eyes and mind open to the good in our companies. Only in doing this, will we have a balanced view.

We are also reminded that giving to others is the best path to getting what we want. Offering to help another manager with a problem outside of the audit, taking a peer to lunch, or spending time assisting in a company sponsored charity event are all good ways to be present in the minds of your clients without the stigma of audit. It is the surest path to trust and trust is the surest path to quality audits.

These are among many of the applicable lessons from this two hour CD.   Make the investment in yourself and the auditor you want to be.

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